Oct 10
  • Cocos2D is cool*.
  • Objetive-C is shit: ugly syntax, poor performance, and misses basic features.
  • Xcode is the slowest, heaviest, most memory-leaker, and most unstable and error-prone development environment I have ever tried. There is even a bug that inserts strange characters when you undo and redo a lot of times…
* but it’s written in Objective-C.

4 comentarios to “Three things I’m learning while developing an iOS game with Cocos2D”

  1. Pino dijo::

    haha is Xcode even worse than Eclipse?

  2. Alcalá dijo::

    MUCH worse. Eclipse is a marvel compared to Xcode.

  3. Lamoraldus dijo::

    Objective-C is (after Smalltalk) the most elegant language ever. Not sure what “basic functionality” you miss. It is based on C – you can’t get more basic. Except using assembler.

  4. mobiledevstories dijo::


    Objective-C is elegant, readable, efficient and has very high performance (1000x faster than Java).

    The learning curve is quite sharp, and in the initial phases you can have an opinion like that, but i’m pretty sure you’ll finish loving ObjC 🙂

    A Mac with fast RAM and SSD can make Xcode a very comfortable IDE.

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