Feb 04

After some hours of hard work, the second beta of Funtons 1.4 is ready. If I don’t find any error, I will upload it to the Android Market as soon as I have the new groups ready. The changelog is the following:

  • The user can cancel group downloads.
  • Some server communication errors have been solved.
  • Results are generated eight times faster in the server.
  • New buttons for clean installations (they allow to download common groups).
  • Small fixes in the user interface.
  • Funtons are marked correctly when the user downloads a group.
  • Desktop widgets work again.
  • The user can update buttons.

You can install it over your existing Funtons installation. I hope you like it 🙂

Download Funtons 1.4beta2


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  1. jo± dijo::

    Make the font under the buttons Bigger

    Änd the indexing on the END of the files

    Make it easier to make a custom funton

    Yours is the best thanks

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